Lose Weight While Walking On The Boardwalk

Lose weight while walking on the boardwalk and having fun is my inspiration of the day.
When I visited Atlantic City, NJ in the summer of 2016, I decided that I was not going to gamble in the casino. Maybe I would use some of the “free” money that the casino gives you as a new visitor where you can play in the “penny” machines, but I am well aware that the house always wins.

Before I went to play, I went for a walk on the boardwalk. It was a cloudy day. The weather channel had predicted rain, so I packed my oversize size S raincoat into my purse.

I walked in the direction to all the other casinos. The bus had stopped in the last resort on the boardwalk. It was easy to find the entrance to the boardwalk. There was a large door to the boardwalk that I found after doing a little exploring. I had to go down a level and turn to the left from where the bus stopped.

Detoxify Your Body And Lose Weight

To detoxify the body, as well as lose weight, it is important to eat whole foods.
Whole foods are sustainable for the body and will have a good effect on your weight. Your body will be able to burn fat easier and will make you look slimmer.


When you make a home-made soup, put in natural, whole foods. A soup with broth, lean protein, and green leafy vegetables is filling, heals the body and detoxifies the body. It is also a low-calorie meal because you are filling your body with important nutrients as opposed to “empty” calories. Since the food is nutrient dense, you will feel fuller after eating natural whole foods.

Make sure to fill your shopping cart with lean meats, vegetables, and fruits. These products, as you will notice, are toward the edges of the supermarkets. Stay away from the aisles inside of the supermarket. These aisles are full of foods that contain a lot of carbohydrates and sugars. Those foods are highly processed and bad for your body.

Broth and almond milk are low in calories and high in protein. You can drink almond milk alone or in smoothies.

The whole food approach improves energy, promotes long-term weight loss, is anti-inflammatory and has good flavor. Most importantly, whole foods are natural. Whole foods are foods that have not been refined or processed. They are foods that do not have additives or artificial man-made substances. Your body has a desire to maintain a natural balance. Feeding your body natural foods that have not been altered is what will produce lasting results.

Here is a list of detoxifying whole foods that will provide you with nutrients, antioxidants, and will help you lose weight:

Lose Two Pounds A Week Under Stress

I lost two pounds in one week without diet because I had a very stressful situation in the family.

The following article portrays stressful and descriptive clinical situations. If you are sensitive to that type of material, I recommend you to skip reading this article.

My Mom Broke Her Hip

Sometimes I believe that I have things under control. I believe that I am doing the things that I am supposed to be doing and times are smooth. Out of no where, life has a way of –BAM!!!– shaking things down.
This stressful event happened to me last month when I had to travel to Peru. I left as soon as I could after my brother called me to say that our almost 90 year old mom had fallen. She had broken her hip and needed surgery.317px-cdm_hip_fracture_343

Before that, both of my brothers were taking good care of her. They made sure she took her multivitamins, ate healthy, and walked daily. They made sure our mother had a good time visiting her farm often and going to her club to socialize. Her blood pressure was normal for a year and she was not even taking medicine for her normal blood pressure.

Inspiration To Lose Weight and The Rio Olympics 2016

Maracanã_2014_e (1)

The Olympics can be an inspiration to lose weight. I watched the Inauguration Ceremony of the Rio Olympics 2016.
While I was watching it I eat a handful of blueberries , a Greek yogurt and I drank a couple of glasses of water along the way.
Sometimes I eat lettuce instead of pop corn while I watch TV. It has fewer calories.

I am writing about the Olympics because it was always an inspiration to me to do exercises and do the best I could in other areas of my life
I loved watching the Inauguration ceremony. It was very colorful with the shows, the music, and the dancing. There was cultural expression, spectacular firecrackers a happy parade with young athletes and their teams.
Brazil had a difficult time lately but their enthusiasm and hard work put this ceremony together in a fantastic way. It was emotional and beautiful to me.

How To Maintain Weight After Weight Loss

I know how to maintain weight after weight loss. I weight 98-100 pounds, I am petite. For me it is simple :

1- Eat the right amount of protein (Fish, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, beans, seafood) fruits and vegetables.
2- Eat or drink calcium-rich foods ( cheese, yogurt)
3- Drink 8 glasses of water per day
4- Do some moderate exercise,

Pineapple Melts Tummy Fat


Pineapple melts tummy fat when you eat it instead of high calorie desserts.

Eat you protein, veggies and fruits and you can have a lean body.

Pineapples can help you lose weight. They have a lot of water, fiber, minerals and digestive enzymes.

They have few calories: Only 70 calories per 100 grs!!! (4 oz). They have lots of fiber which will be used to help you feel full faster and also have a good digestion.

The main enzyme is bromelain that helps in the breaking down of protein. Bromelain is anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer, anti- arthritis.

100 grs. of pineapple/ half of cup has almost 47 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant and it is required for the synthesis of collagen, which is in the: joints, skin, hair and nails, blood vessels, organs and bones. Vitamin C protects us against scurvy or soft bones and helps the immune system to prevent infections.

Change Bad Eating Habits

Lets talk about how to change bad eating habits and lose some weight.

Some time ago, I was in the Aquarium with my family. It was a warm sunny day, and we had been walking through different exhibits looking at the different fish and sea creatures. We were hungry and we decided to stop by the outdoor cafeteria for a bite.

We decided to eat roast chicken and vegetables, and we had brought bottle water with us. We went to seat under a table that had a colorful umbrella and we were comfortable under its shade.

Cake Tales

That is a big cake in the video for the collection of cake tales. I burned some calories dancing to the rhythm of this song. I do not remember eating cake on the beach. I eat hamburgers, grapes, watermelon when I go to the beach.
Cakes are at the center of celebrations like birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Supermarkets sell cakes everyday now.

Up And Down Weight Roller Coaster

I remember the up and down roller coaster of my weight loss process.

I went to the supermarket to buy some things for the house today. When I was there I passed near the magazine rack and saw a title about how the “Biggest Losers” from the show have all gone back to the original weight that they had before the show.

It made me remember when I was in my late teens, I for the first time in my life I had lost 28 pounds and I was feeling comfortable and confident in my own body and it was a pleasure to look myself in the mirror and see the image that I wanted to see since I was eleven years old.

I was on a very strict low calorie (800 cal/day) no carbs diet under doctor supervision. I was taking a multivitamin too. He determined the amount of calories according to my petite size.

He said that it was the first stage, that when I accomplished my ideal weight he will begin to introduce some carbs. I lost the 28 pounds in three months.
I was feeling very good about myself.