How To Maintain Weight After Weight Loss

I know how to maintain weight after weight loss. I weight 98-100 pounds, I am petite. For me it is simple :

1- Eat the right amount of protein (Fish, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, beans, seafood) fruits and vegetables.
2- Eat or drink calcium-rich foods ( cheese, yogurt)
3- Drink 8 glasses of water per day
4- Do some moderate exercise,

“What about fats?” you may ask? Should I eat foods with fats? The answer to this question is yes. You need some fat to make up hormones and all other tissues in the body. You need fat. Unsaturated fat. Not trans fat like the meals at fast food restaurants. Unsaturated fats are found in nuts, seeds, fish, and meats. How much fat should you be consuming? I need one or two spoons of butter or olive oil or avocado or nuts per day. This is good if you want to weight 100 lbs. If you want to weight more, you need a little bit more. Good and natural fats will help your body feel stronger and more energetic while also putting you in a better mood.

Be careful with the nuts. They are delicious, but they have a lot of unsaturated fat. They are like medicine in which you have to eat the right amount. The right amount would be approximately 6 walnuts or two Brazilian nuts in one sitting. You can also eat a handful of pistachios or handful of peanuts. Nuts should not be consumed every day, but two times a week.

Now advertisers are talking about coconut oil. Coconut oil is not good for me when I eat it or use it as a face moisturizer, it gives me acne but maybe it is good for you, I do not know, you may try if you want.

I like to walk. I walk at least half an hour every day. Some days the weather is so beautiful so I walk more, maybe an hour or two. If I notice that my clothes are getting tight, I cut carbohydrates completely for three days. Carbohydrates are found in grains such as bread, crackers, and cereal; starchy vegetables, such as potatoes and corn; and in dairy, such as yogurt and ice cream. Even though I know that carbohydrates are not good for me, they taste amazing. It is okay to eat some carbohydrates, just be sure not to eat carbohydrates every day.

You read that we need carbohydrates, but fruits and vegetables have some carbs too. It is okay to eat carbohydrates every few days. You can eat two spoons of tapioca pudding, half of a small order of french fries, a slice of bread and butter, a couple of spoons of rice, or a handful of popcorn. But do not eat them every day. Lentils, beans, buckwheat, and quinoa are good sources of protein and carbs too. You should eat one cup a week of any of them replacing animal protein.

The problem with carbohydrates is that they make you hungry. If you are not careful and mindful when you eat them, you will eat more of the carbohydrates. What you should do is drink a glass of water after eating carbohydrates to wash it down so you can stop the urge of wanting to eat more.

If you get used to a diet without carbohydrate then you do not crave them often.
This is it, it is simple, but it took a while until I master it.

You do not need expensive equipment or a gym membership if you want to be fit. If you want because you think that it will keep you be motivated then yes. By all means, go to the gym, buy a treadmill, a bicycle, go swimming or dance. It is nice to do exercise around people, in groups, or with a trainer. It helps to tone your muscles. However, if you do not want or cannot go to the gym, buy good walking shoes or sneakers and walk. Yes, walk the pounds off.

If you have been followed my blog, you may have noticed that each page have some tips on how to lose and maintain a good ideal weight, in my stories. The concepts are really simple. I do not know how long you will need to have the mindset and stick to the right foods and exercise. Just have faith in yourself and be certain that if you really want to have an ideal body you will get there.
Tell me what you think about my system to maintain my weight in 98-100 pounds in the comment section.

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This article was about how to maintain weight after weight loss


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