How To Maintain Weight After Weight Loss

I know how to maintain weight after weight loss. I weight 98-100 pounds, I am petite. For me it is simple : 1- Eat the right amount of protein (Fish, beef, chicken, turkey, lamb, beans, seafood) fruits and vegetables. 2- Eat or drink calcium-rich foods ( cheese, yogurt) 3- Drink 8 glasses of water per […]

Pineapple Melts Tummy Fat

Pineapple melts tummy fat when you eat it instead of high calorie desserts. Eat you protein, veggies and fruits and you can have a lean body. Pineapples can help you lose weight. They have a lot of water, fiber, minerals and digestive enzymes. They have few calories: Only 70 calories per 100 grs!!! (4 oz). […]