The Language Of Emotions/ Book Review

Review Of The Book : The Language of Emotions: What Your Feelings Are Trying to Tell You by Karla McLaren

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Emotions And Weight Loss


Emotions are tightly connected with the mental ability to lose weight. Some people with weight issues have cases of “Emotional Eating”. Severe cases of emotional eating could be categorized as “addiction to overeating”

Sometimes, people with weight problems use food as a way of coping with uncomfortable emotions such as stress, anger, sadness, envy, grief, fear, and shame. Theses people do not know which emotion they are feeling at the given time. They only care about the pain that they are experiencing because of their emotions. They do not want to feel that pain. They only want to kill the pain with food.


About The Author Of The Book “The Language Of Emotions”

Karla McLaren M. Ed. is an educator, Social Science Researcher, who studied cognitive psychology, sociology, anthropology, education and metaphysics. She practiced meditation, and other healing arts since childhood.
Her parents adopted natural healing modalities like meditation and energy therapy to help her recover from the trauma produced after sexual abuse when she was a small child.

Once she reached adulthood, she became a natural healer, helping people to recover from stress and other psychological disorders. However, she realized that meditation and energy healing were not enough to heal traumatized patients such as herself. She went to college to learn other healing modalities.

Her approach to using emotions as allies in an emphatic way, as well as her studies in psychology, sociology, anthropology ,education and her research in social science, has developed a technique with many useful  tools to deal with and understand emotions in everyday life that will lead to personal fulfillment.


Repressing Emotions Consequences

One (bad) way to deal with emotions is to forget about it. If powerful emotions are not dealt with and are pushed to the darkest corners of the mind, we are repressing our emotions. we repress our emotions in hopes that they will be forgotten. Repressing emotions, especially strong emotions, is not good for the psyche. Repressing emotions can create the compulsion to overeat and other mental conditions such as anxiety, panic, addictions, tics, neurosis, psychosomatic disorders, immunologic disorders.
Sometimes we need to repress the emotion for a short while in a social situation. However, it is crucial that the emotions are processed and dealt with at some point. It is important to study the emotion when we are alone to understand why we felt a certain way and use the energy from the emotion in a healthy way.


Expressing Your Emotions

Expressing emotions is another way of dealing with the emotions. This is better that repressing, but sometimes can be dangerous,  especially with strong emotions. If you express a strong emotion (such as anger) in the wrong way, you and/or someone else can get hurt. This method can also destabilize the psyche as well as the body.
The book “The Language Of Emotions” by Karla McLaren will help you to stop and recognize the emotions. The book will help you understand your emotions in an emphatic way. It will show you the message that each emotion has for you and give you the energy to change your behavior.


A New Approach To The Theory Behind Emotions


What if the processing of the emotions is the key to a harmonious, self-confident, strong, serene and happy life?. A lot of writings have been done about the emotions derive from thought. This book has a different explanation on them. It questions if emotions are their own self that brings a message to challenge our actions. It questions if emotions produce thoughts instead of the other way, or if this is a fluid process that can be both ways.

We know about expressing emotions or repressing emotions, but what if there is another way. What if there is a way of “processing” the emotions in order for the message to be delivered? The “energy” of the emotion can change our views and actions for the better.

The tools presented in the book are based on the use of visualization and questions. This tools will activate the frontal cortex of the brain and will moderate the fight or flight response activated by the limbic system of the brain in stressful situations.

This regulating activity will help to assess the situation and engage the reason and logic and differentiate if the situation is a real emergency. Instead of reacting as “everything is an emergency” creating unnecessary stress, it will effectively regulate the automatic response and will find the cause and solution of the problem easily. The use of the tools will activate the intuition and inner wisdom.

Once the energy of the emotion is processed it will give us the message that it was meant to give, the cause of the problem, sometimes memories of the original cause similar to the new situation that make us react in a stressful way, and/or the insight of how to resolve it.


Benefits On Reading The Book and Applying The Tools

When you read the book “ The Language Of Emotions” you learn to use tools that will help keep you feel grounded, self-assured, and confident. It will also allow you to access your inner wisdom, heal deep emotional wounds and access intuition in a compassionate way.

For didactic purposes, the book “ The Language Of Emotions” utilizes the system of four elements of understanding the self : Earth is the physical body, Air is the Spiritual part of the person, Fire is the Intellect, logical, mathematical and linguistic and Water is the emotions.

We are integrated when these four elements are in harmony. Society knows a lot about the body, the intellect, and the spirit, but somehow the emotions are not understood that well.

The author of the book “ The Language of Emotions”  knows from experience that the emotions are real. They help your actions and can heal emotional trauma.
This book can be used in a clinical setting to help a patient with psychological problems to deal with the emotions in between visits. It is not a replacement for psychological and/or pharmaceutical treatment when indicated.

The tools presented in this book used  daily by anybody gives self-confidence, clarity of mind, understanding of a situation, and the ability  to take better decisions and the energy to act upon it.

The use of the tools will help you deal with emotions related to emotional eating and you will lose weight if this is one of your goals.
My Experience

When I practice the technique I can feel the emotions running through my body like a fluid energy and it gives me clarity. The emotions give me an understanding of the situation and a new energy that makes me feel better and help me make better decisions at the right time.

This book helped me a lot in dealing with grief when my Father died; losing a loved one is very painful, “ The Language Of Emotions” help me a lot in the grieving process.

I use the technique on a daily basis when I feel strong emotions and it helps me to have  an understanding of the stressful situation and a clear mind.

In the case of keeping with my healthy food plan, the tools of the book “The Language Of Emotions” help me to choose and enjoy healthy foods even when I have a craving when I am under stress.



It will help you have emotional ease. It will assist you in overcoming unresolved traumas, distractions, and addictions. The book will teach you how to release your repressed emotions in a healthy way. It will help you feel confident, self-assured, you will know yourself better, and it will help you lose weight. You will understand how to apply the technique when necessary, and create healthy boundaries in relationships with food and people.



It is an enjoyable 415 pages book. Even though reading the book is a type of meditation, you still have to do the exercises in the book to get the full benefit of it. You have to memorize the questions for each emotion and practice the technique several times until it becomes automatic. It will take some time and patience but re-reading and practicing will make it happen.


The book “ The Language Of Emotions” by Carla MacLaren teaches us to honor and listen to all our emotions through a technique that uses visualization and questions for each emotion.The book teaches the questions and visualizations needed to deal with each emotion: anger, apathy, boredom, guilt, shame, hatred, resentment, contempt, disgust, fear, confusion,  jealousy, envy, panic, terror, sadness, grief, depression, stress as well as happiness, contentment, and joy.

Each emotion is our friend. Each emotion has a message and each emotion will gives the message when asking the right question. You will feel better when you understand what the emotion is about.

Reading the book by itself is a form of meditation. The telling of stories and the explanation written in a beautiful way sometimes feels like poetry.

This book will help you to create the mindset to want to achieve your goals while you understand and process the emotions. It is not only for losing weight but applies for all areas of your life.

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4 thoughts on “The Language Of Emotions/ Book Review

  1. Will

    Wow, this is a good article as I was getting into meditation recently. I was looking for a book to teach me more about emotions and how it can affect my mood. Thanks for the good review of this book. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Will: I am glad that you are getting into meditation. The book book “The Language of Emotions” teaches tools to improve our lives through understanding emotions. It can be used with meditation too. They are good tools to have a good life. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Anthony

    I am of the firm belief that expressing emotions is far better than repressing them. But I would say that as I have Mediterranean blood and always wear my heart on my sleeve. It does get me into trouble sometimes, but for the most part it keeps me sane 🙂

    The book looks an interesting read, though, so thanks for taking the time to write this great review.

    • Hi Anthony, yes, agree, expressing emotions is better that repressing them, and now we have a third option, processing emotions, which the book teaches us, it is a great book. Thank you for your comment 🙂

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