Before you begin the petite diet plan lets talk about the positive mindset that you need to persevere through the plan until you reach your ideal weight and beyond.

Gratitude is an attitude where you are appreciative about the things that you have. You may not have yet the body that you wish to have, but your body is a very precious part of you and it is necessary to appreciate the attributes that you have.

GirlAndMirrorWhen you look yourself in the mirror, you may not see the image that you see in the front of the magazines or in the movies, but everybody is different.

It is better to appreciate everyday all the things that we have and not to take them for granted. Appreciate the color of your eyes, and the contour of your shoulders, or the fact that your hands are so useful that you can write, use the computer, do the dishes or the laundry or paint or touch your loved ones.

Talk to your body like you talk to a good friend, even if in front of the mirror it does not look the way you would like to look. When you lose weight, you will see a different image that you will have to learn to love too.

There is always something to appreciate about your body, there is something to appreciate and be thankful about other things too every day, even if it is rainy and cloudy, the rain is filling the reservoirs to give us water.

Even if it is difficult to appreciate your body you can begin by looking your self in the mirror in the morning and say to yourself : “ Good morning sweetheart, petit girls diet webpage wants me to say to you that you have great eyes and your hair is strong”.

You begin with that and everyday you add something else.

Another thing that it is important is to appreciate the present moment. We have busy lives, running from here to there, checking our ipods and computers and our social networks, working, taking care of friends and family.

You can begin appreciating the moment by stopping for 15 seconds, notice your breathing and look around without thinking about anything but appreciating what is on front of you. Do this when you walk, when you wash your hands,Handwashing in small bits by bits during the day. This will relax you and give you some energy to keep with the demands of your day.

When you are following your diet and you want to eat something that you shouldn’t , when you have a craving, say to yourself : “ I will eat it tomorrow” and drink some water, enjoying every drop. Then the next day if you feel the craving again say the same to yourself and see how many days you can delay the eating of something that will make you gain weight.

Change the negatives thoughts into positives; if you are thinking : “ I will never reach my ideal weight “ change it to “ How can I reach my ideal weight? “ every time.

Notice your feelings and process them with some form of expression, write your journal, dance, paint, ask yourself why are you feeling the way you are feeling and write the answer.

Read books and watch programs that will encourage to live a happy and fulfilled life. This will help you to cement a positive outlook of live to succeed in reaching your ideal weight Peoples_jumping_in_La_Guardia_beach

In this article we have reviewed the positive mindset that you need to reach your ideal weight and feel good about that, the attitude of gratitude, the attitude of appreciation, the appreciation of the present moment, the delay of cravings, positive changes in your thoughts, noticing and processing your feelings and the influence of reading and media habits tin the positive mindset.

This is the framework to begin and continue the journey to an ideal and healthy weight.

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