Psychology Of Weight Loss

Psychology Of Weight Loss

This article discusses the psychology of weight loss and how can we help ourselves to maintain the weight that we accomplished. This is done using mind exercises that will develop the acceptance of the new body image.

Eating right and exercising are very important pillars for good health.
When we lose weight, sometimes is difficult to keep it off for a long period of time. We begin to feel shame that the results of our efforts did not last.

Sometimes we find that is not easy to walk away from unhealthy food.
We have to improve our self-esteem and take control of our lives.
For that we have to make a commitment to ourselves: to be present to avoid distractions and feelings of dissatisfaction that push us to overeat.

Tough decission

Lose Two Pounds A Week Under Stress

I lost two pounds in one week without diet because I had a very stressful situation in the family.

The following article portrays stressful and descriptive clinical situations. If you are sensitive to that type of material, I recommend you to skip reading this article.

My Mom Broke Her Hip

Sometimes I believe that I have things under control. I believe that I am doing the things that I am supposed to be doing and times are smooth. Out of no where, life has a way of –BAM!!!– shaking things down.
This stressful event happened to me last month when I had to travel to Peru. I left as soon as I could after my brother called me to say that our almost 90 year old mom had fallen. She had broken her hip and needed surgery.317px-cdm_hip_fracture_343

Before that, both of my brothers were taking good care of her. They made sure she took her multivitamins, ate healthy, and walked daily. They made sure our mother had a good time visiting her farm often and going to her club to socialize. Her blood pressure was normal for a year and she was not even taking medicine for her normal blood pressure.

Inspiration To Lose Weight and The Rio Olympics 2016

Maracanã_2014_e (1)

The Olympics can be an inspiration to lose weight. I watched the Inauguration Ceremony of the Rio Olympics 2016.
While I was watching it I eat a handful of blueberries , a Greek yogurt and I drank a couple of glasses of water along the way.
Sometimes I eat lettuce instead of pop corn while I watch TV. It has fewer calories.

I am writing about the Olympics because it was always an inspiration to me to do exercises and do the best I could in other areas of my life
I loved watching the Inauguration ceremony. It was very colorful with the shows, the music, and the dancing. There was cultural expression, spectacular firecrackers a happy parade with young athletes and their teams.
Brazil had a difficult time lately but their enthusiasm and hard work put this ceremony together in a fantastic way. It was emotional and beautiful to me.

Change Bad Eating Habits

Lets talk about how to change bad eating habits and lose some weight.

Some time ago, I was in the Aquarium with my family. It was a warm sunny day, and we had been walking through different exhibits looking at the different fish and sea creatures. We were hungry and we decided to stop by the outdoor cafeteria for a bite.

We decided to eat roast chicken and vegetables, and we had brought bottle water with us. We went to seat under a table that had a colorful umbrella and we were comfortable under its shade.