Inspiration To Lose Weight and The Rio Olympics 2016

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The Olympics can be an inspiration to lose weight. I watched the Inauguration Ceremony of the Rio Olympics 2016.
While I was watching it I eat a handful of blueberries , a Greek yogurt and I drank a couple of glasses of water along the way.
Sometimes I eat lettuce instead of pop corn while I watch TV. It has fewer calories.

I am writing about the Olympics because it was always an inspiration to me to do exercises and do the best I could in other areas of my life
I loved watching the Inauguration ceremony. It was very colorful with the shows, the music, and the dancing. There was cultural expression, spectacular firecrackers a happy parade with young athletes and their teams.
Brazil had a difficult time lately but their enthusiasm and hard work put this ceremony together in a fantastic way. It was emotional and beautiful to me.

Around eleven thousand Olympic athletes are competing for their medals now. Each and every one of those athletes are making their families and countries proud.
The watching of this ceremony was a tradition in my hometown. All the radio and TV stations would count down to the start of the ceremony. They were also giving us updates by the minute until the time of the opening.
It feels great to be part of a positive world event. Millions of people, of all different ethnicities, watched it around the globe

It is not easy to be an Olympic athlete. It takes time, effort, perseverance, sponsorship, and money to be part of this group of athletes.
One boy of my hometown, whose mother had a swimming academy, was always participating in competitions targeted to be an Olympic athlete. He got several First Prize medals in local competitions and silver medals in a lot of National and International competitions, but he never made it to the Olympics.
A couple of friends of mine were skilled in gymnastics. They participated in the local and national competitions, but there were always better gymnasts than them. The competitors were really great.
I am talking about athletes that dedicated several hours daily to perfect their physical gift. Sometimes they had to be home school because their schedule in their competition and training were very strict. Their families were determined to make them professional athletes.
On the other hand, I was never an athlete. This was mainly because of my vulnerability to asthma due to exercise. As a child I was limited to walking, which eventually lead to regular running and local sports. I began loving the training. It felt good to push myself to my limits, even when

I was occasionally put on the benches when we were at large tournaments.
I loved movement and I made it to a summer ballet recital at 13.
The Olympics were always an inspiration to me, I knew that I will never be an Olympian athlete. I always was a little of an egghead. I was good at academics but I loved the Olympics. The Olympics Opening Ceremony brought our family, community and world together. Just by watching it on TV increased the bond and helped strengthen us as the human race.
Perseverance it is very important to achieve to a goal. Even if you are not an athlete, you need perseverance to succeed. If you persevere in your healthy diet and your daily exercise, you will lose the weight that you need to lose. You are going to encounter obstacles, but you need to push through them for you to have a healthy life. All of the perseverance will make you stronger mentally and will lead to positive outcomes physically.
We all have our own “Personal Olympics”. Our own goals and dreams are what we need to strive for. Those goals can be achieved with determination. Life isn’t always easy. Even if you are determined you can still fail. However, during times of failure, it is good to take a deep breath, taking a small break to collect yourself, and bring yourselves back into the game.
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