D-Ribose And Weight Loss

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D-Ribose  and weight loss are indirectly related, but more that D-Ribose is related to exercise. I would love to tell you that taking this or any supplement is going to be the only thing to do to lose weight but as far as I know that is not accurate.

## What is D-Ribose?

D-Ribose is a simple sugar and is an energy source that the body makes from food, the body makes ribose from glucose.

Supplemental Ribose boosts energy in the muscles and the result is the improvement in exercise and athletic performance.

Supplemental D-Ribose is used in the treatment of genetic disorders where the person has difficulty moving or doing exercise, fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome.It is use in heart conditions because is cardioprotective too.

Lets go to the basics to understand the functions of D-Ribose:

ATP is a molecule inside every cell in the body. It is the universal energy carrier in the cells. ATP transfers energy from chemical bonds to energy absorbing reactions within the cell. In other words ATP gives energy to the chemical reactions that need energy to happen inside the cells of our bodies When the ATP molecule is formed it stores the energy, when the ATP molecule breaks down the energy is liberated .

ATP is a molecule made of : Adenosine Base – RIBOSE- Phosphates.
(surprise, surprise :-))

All the processes in the cells require energy, we are continuously forming ATP molecules and breaking down ATP molecules.
Human muscle losses ATP after  exercise and it causes the burned out, wiped out or burning sensations after strenuous exercises. Exhausted muscles takes longer to replenish their ATP levels that rested muscles.

D-Ribose supplementation helps the recovery process of muscles after exercise and makes the replenishment of ATP in the muscle faster. This observations were made by Danish sports and exercise physiologists in 2004. Ribose avoids post exercises muscle stiffness and cramps.

D-Ribose is part of RNA that is important in protein synthesis and muscles are made of protein, it makes the muscle recovery faster.

## How can D-Ribose help you to lose weight?

D-Ribose can help you in your weight loss program by helping you in the recovery face, after you exercise your muscles are going to recover faster and that will help you stay motivated. Imagine feeling good and not sore after exercise.

Personally, D- ribose gives me some energy before, during and after exercises, It gives me mental clarity too. But this not happen to everybody, and studies do not show that either.
##How to take Ribose ?

I take one teaspoon in an 8 oz glass of water before exercise or I mix one teaspoon in an 8 oz bottle of water and take the water every 15 minutes or so while I am doing exercise.

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