Weight Fluctuation

This article is going to discuss weight fluctuation. You go to a scale and you weigh yourself in the morning, you may notice that you lost some weight, possibly a few ounces. When you weigh yourself in the afternoon, you are not always happy because you notice that you may have gained some weight since the morning.

Weight fluctuation is frustrating, especially if you have followed your diet and exercise plan. However, it is normal for your weight to fluctuate during the week, and even throughout the day.


Causes of Weight Fluctuation

Weight fluctuation is caused by different things: hormonal changes, water retention, constipation, a sporadic big meal, or excess consumption of salt or carbohydrates in your meal.
High carb and high salt food can increase your weight due to water retention.

Weigh yourself in the morning before eating to have a baseline
Fluctuations can happen up to five pounds because the digestive system takes some time to digest the food, liquids, salt and other nutrients.

Dr. Joseph Collela, a Bariatric Surgeon at Magee Women’s Hospital at the University of Pittsburg Medical Center says: “ Most people can recover five pounds rather quickly with minor tweaks to the calorie intake and physical ability”.

If you ate a big meal the day before, you will weigh a little big more the next day, especially in the morning before a bowel movement, even more so if the food had a lot of sodium.

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I remember that I was following a paleo diet the whole day until I was coming back home and walked in front of a bakery that had croissants just taken out of the oven. Each time that I ate the croissant, it melted in my mouth like I was in heaven. And I was gaining weight and I could not figure it out: I was eating healthy protein, fruits and vegetables and the only carb was the croissant, “ No, it can not be, it is only one, it is not that I am eating a dozen “ I would think, without realizing that each croissant has 500 calories. Instead of eating a croissant a day I should have eaten it once a month.

Weight Fluctuation vs Weight Gain

Your true body weight will not increase that much the next day, no more that 5 pounds. Weight gain is a long term process.

Weigh yourself once a week after you have emptied your bowel, do it without clothes and shoes. Clothes and shoes can add more than two pounds. If you weigh yourself everyday you will give yourself unnecessary worry because you are going to have normal weight fluctuations.

Fruit salad plate

If the weight fluctuation is still there when you weigh yourself after a week, consider changes in your diet and exercises. Maybe there is something that you consider innocuous like nuts or seeds, avocado, a scone, butter bread or chocolate that you eat frequently in small portions. Maybe you only need to eat this treats once a week and not everyday.rink more water and eat fruits for dessert instead of pastries. Instead of rice, bread and potatoes eat cauliflower, broccoli, spinach or cucumbers.


If you experience weight fluctuation after a week pay attention if you are eating a high calorie food too often and change it for low calories food like fruits and vegetables

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