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Do you have to think like a thin person to lose weight?
There is a connection between thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.
If you desire to become thin, then you have to think like a thin person. More specifically, you to need to think “health”.
A healthy person thinks about food in a sense of nutrition and energy. Food is not for emotional support.


A lot of people with weight issues subconsciously consider food as a way of coping with life and stressful emotions. Sometimes, when they feel lonely instead of reaching to make friends, they reach for food to soothe themselves.
A healthy person uses exercise on a continuous basis to keep strong and healthy. It can be a form of socializing too, depending on the kind of exercise.
Socializing is a healthy human activity that can not be substituted by food only. We all need a healthy interaction with family, friends, coworkers, and romantic relationships. If these interactions are healthy, they give a sense of emotional support and satisfaction with life.

A lot of socializing activities are developed around food. We are invited to celebrate birthdays, promotions, weddings, and other important milestones. We celebrate these occasions by sharing food. It is important to get used to eating healthy, so when we have the opportunity to attend a socializing event, we can easily choose to eat mostly healthy foods.
Sometimes, we feel nervous and we eat the wrong foods to calm the anxiety. We do not want to feel our feelings because they may be uncomfortable. Maybe we are angry, sad, or jealous and these painful emotions can be used to put you on track.

Feelings Can Help You To Lose Weight

It is important to be open with our feelings because through them we can find our energy. Feelings give us messages. The book ” The Language Of Emotions” can help you to better understand the relationship between our feelings and our energy.
If you desire to lose weight, imagine how you will feel. You need to be conscious of your efforts to obtain your ideal weight. It is also important to constantly monitor your progress to know how close you are to reach your ideal weight.

Imagine yourself in your favorite outfit. Now imagine how you will feel every morning waking up to someone who has worked to achieve their ideal body. All of the struggles and urges may have discouraged you at times, but being in the moment where you have achieved a personal goal will be priceless.
You can build an “Inspiration Board”. An inspiration board is a motivational tool, where you can glue/cut out pictures of healthy bodies with your face on them. I may sound childish making this kind of board, but it will put you into the mindset of being able to obtain your ideal weight.

Girl_smiling_to_Life_-_Galicia,_Spain (1)

Sometimes, when you look at the pictures of you “Inspiration Board”, you will have feelings of doubt and discouragement. Acknowledge these feelings and ask yourself why do you feel this way. An answer will come back to you. The answer may be a discouraging thought such as: “You can not do that, you will never look like that, you can not lose weight” or “this is too difficult for you”.
Ask yourself ” Why do I think that way? Why do I say that?”
An answer may come in a form of a memory. Maybe a memory of when you were a child and your mother was giving you food. When you were sick or that your parents told you to eat everything on the plate even if the plate was full of fatty foods.


Some kind of answer will come. Maybe you feel that getting into the habit and sticking with it is not as easy as you would have thought.

Either way, when you question yourself, YOU need to stop and consider what is going on in your head. You need to pay attention what is going on in your mind. You have been living in your body for your entire life. No one has experienced the same memories or skill that you have. No one can control how you think. Learn to think positive. Encourage yourself. Push yourself.

You may want to lose the weight to impress your friends, your spouse, or your co-workers, but you need to understand that the changes are for YOU. If no one is motivating you, you need to ask yourself if you really want to put in the effort. If you think the mental struggles are worth the results. If you answer yes, then you motivate yourself.
Then ask yourself : “What if I keep having negative thoughts that keep me from being motivated?” Those thoughts are not helping you to reach your weight goal. Those thoughts are not helping you to continue eating healthy food and improve yourself. Negative thoughts hold you back. Think about how happy you will be once you overcome the initial obstacle.

Once you survive the first few months, you will have the healthy eating habit imprinted in your mind. You will never have to consciously think about eating healthy because it will be a natural part of your life.
You have to change your negatives thoughts to encouraging thoughts


Encouraging Thoughts Will help You Lose Weight
When you stop and consider your thoughts, you can decide what kind of thoughts you have. If the thoughts that you are thinking are helping you, they are positive and should be encouraged. If the thoughts do not help you as an individual, you should make an effort to change your thoughts.
Positive thoughts will help you to feel good and encourage you to continue eating healthy. You must change your negative and discouraging thoughts to positive ones. Think something along the lines of: “Eating healthy foods is difficult right now, but I desire to be healthy. I desire to have a healthy body and the only way to achieve this goal is by eating healthy foods. Eventually, I will enjoy eating healthy. It is going to take some time, but I can do it. Actually… healthy food taste very good and satisfies me. What would it take for me to always eat healthily? ”


Visualization Techniques Can help You Lose Weight
After you change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts, you can use the technique of visualization to release any uncomfortable feeling that can arise from the change in thinking. In the beginning, the mind can resist. This is because your mind had the habit of thinking negative.

You can help your mind to get used to positive thinking with visualization exercises.
After you change your negative thought into a positive thought, if you feel uncomfortable with the new thought, you can imagine that all thesenegative thoughts are a gray cloud. You vacuum the dark cloud into an air filling balloon machine. You fill balloons with “negative thoughts air” ,and then you let the balloons out into the air and you see them disappear in the distance. You can say bye bye to the negative thoughts

Commemorating_the_32_at_Virginia_Tech (1)

Another visualization technique you can use to neutralize uncomfortable feelings starts when you imagine yourself thin or look at your “Inspirational pictures”. Then visualize the following: Imagine you are walking in a stream of water up to your knees. Let the stressful feelings go. Let the feelings of sadness, anger, jealousy, inadequacy, and shame lets go. Feel strength from this feeling leaving the running water of the stream. Then you leave the stream and go to your favorite place, enjoy the view and feel happy. Breath deeply after this exercise.
If you feel stressed, sad, angry, or doubtful when you are visualizing yourself as a thin person, do a “double” visualization. This means that you visualize yourself being thin and walking in the stream of water and feel happy when you arrive at your favorite place.

The State Of Gratitude Is Good For Losing Weight

Being grateful is a relaxed state that will help you to lose weight.

Be grateful for the things that you have and the things that you do not have. Be grateful for the air you breathe, the food you eat, the water you drink, and the fact that you are making the effort to learn about low calorie healthy nutritious foods. Be grateful that you can go to the supermarket and choose healthy foods. Be grateful that you can read the food labels and see if the ingredients are healthy. Be grateful that you can sleep well if you can’t be grateful that you will find the solution for a good night sleep and ask for help.

Be grateful for the internet. A tool that has so much information on how to eat a healthy diet and have the right mindset. Be grateful for the books that you can find in the library that will help you keep yourself motivated and will give you tips on how to prepare your foods.
Be grateful that you can walk, your ability to do exercise and the fact that you can move.
Be grateful that you can control your thoughts and that you can change your negative thoughts into positives.
There are so many things to be grateful for. Sometimes we take things for granted and forget to be grateful. Breath deeply.

Being Appreciative Will Help You To Lose Weight
Appreciate your efforts and achievements in your weight loss experience. Look at the mirror and say to yourself : ” I appreciate myself. I appreciate the fact that I have achieved to eat healthy today. That I have exercised today. That I wanted to eat a doughnut, but because I wanted to be healthy I refused and I ate healthily”.
If you skip your healthy diet for a day, tell yourself in front of the mirror:” I appreciate myself. Even though today I ate something that I should not have eaten, I forgive me and I love myself anyway. I know that I will do better tomorrow. We all have to take things one step at a time. Everything is okay. I love myself and appreciate myself for the wonderful person that I am”. Breath deeply.
Sometimes we put too much stress on ourselves. We talk to ourselves like we are our worst enemies. Change that, treat and talk to yourself like you are your best friend. Encourage yourself with respect                                                                                                                                                                                                           . The_girl_in_the_mirror

Give Rest to Your Mind To Lose Weight

Our minds are powerful. Our minds orchestrated a multitude of events in our bodies. At the cellular level, at the organ and system level, at the subconscious and automatic level, the autonomic nervous system. We walk and breathe. Our heart works automatically thanks to the autonomic nervous system directed by the unconscious part of the brain. Our conscious part of the mind observes and interacts with people. We have conversations. We process thoughts. We resolve problems. We remember the past and plan for the future.
Our minds need rest too.

Sleeping a good night’s sleep helps to rest your mind. While you are awake you can rest your mind too by relaxing.

By stopping all thought during periods of time during the day, you will be able to relax and enjoy what is in front of you. Feel the good weather on your skin. Feel your breathing.
Stop all thoughts for a while, while you wash your hands or do the dishes. This will make the mind work better and will improve the way you think and feel. It will give you confidence.

We are tuning up our mind when we have these moments of presence and awareness. We will develop intuition and confidence. We will feel better about ourselves, others and will be more creative.


Stop your thoughts. Taste and smell the food every time you eat. Be grateful for the food and it will work wonders. Some cultures consider eating a sacred activity. The food that we eat gives us energy and also the power to heal and make our bodies work. We have to take the time to enjoy our food bite by bite.

This article has summarized the importance of positive thinking, visualization techniques that will relax the process of changing a negative thought into positive thoughts, the state of gratitude, state of appreciation and some techniques of resting your mind during the day by being present and stopping thoughts to enjoy what is in front of you. All of this will help you create a positive mindset to lose weight.
Put this information into practice as soon as possible and you will get results.
Thank you for reading . Leave a comment in the comment section and if you have any question.

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