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Yacon Helps You Lose Weight

Yacon helps you lose weight, but what is yacon?
The botanical names of yacon are Smallanthous sonchifolious, Polymnia edulis, Polymnia sonchifolia.

Originally from South America and primarily grows in the Andes of Peru, Colombia, and Argentina. It was transplanted in small scale to different countries like New Zealand, Australia, Japan, China, South Corea, Philippines, United States, and the UK.

The plant can grow up to 2mt/6.5 ft. It is a perennial plant. Its tuberous roots are edible and taste like an apple/celery/watermelon flavor. This is why it is called Peruvian Ground Apple or Apple From The Earth

It is relative to the sunflower and the Jerusalem artichoke.
It is edible for human consumption especially the tubers. The yacon roots and plant have the potential to be used for animal feed too.

Weight Fluctuation

This article is going to discuss weight fluctuation. You go to a scale and you weigh yourself in the morning, you may notice that you lost some weight, possibly a few ounces. When you weigh yourself in the afternoon, you are not always happy because you notice that you may have gained some weight since the morning.

Weight fluctuation is frustrating, especially if you have followed your diet and exercise plan. However, it is normal for your weight to fluctuate during the week, and even throughout the day.


Eating A Low Calorie Meal Is A Good Way To Lose Weight

Eating a low-calorie meal is a good way to lose weight. There is no need to compromise between low calories and good taste.

Here a recipe for a very nutritious low-calorie meal, it includes protein and vegetables and is rich in antioxidants from vegetables and spices. You can accompany it with white rice.
This recipe will give you the nourishment of a good meal and will also help you lose weight.

Chicken Spring
(Aprox. 300 calories/cup, protein, Protein: 65gr)

Psychology Of Weight Loss

Psychology Of Weight Loss

This article discusses the psychology of weight loss and how can we help ourselves to maintain the weight that we accomplished. This is done using mind exercises that will develop the acceptance of the new body image.

Eating right and exercising are very important pillars for good health.
When we lose weight, sometimes is difficult to keep it off for a long period of time. We begin to feel shame that the results of our efforts did not last.

Sometimes we find that is not easy to walk away from unhealthy food.
We have to improve our self-esteem and take control of our lives.
For that we have to make a commitment to ourselves: to be present to avoid distractions and feelings of dissatisfaction that push us to overeat.

Tough decission

Obesity In America

Obesity in America is a big health problem that leads to other chronic diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Millions of people always think about food. When the next meal will be, what will be eaten, and is there time for a snack? They think these thoughts not because there is a shortage of food, but because their thoughts revolve around food. Food is a tangible good that is able to create a sense of happiness, fulfillment, and anticipation.

Toothache Natural Remedy

This article about a Toothache Natural Remedy will relate my experience about how a tooth ache almost ruined my Winter Holidays and how I fixed it 100% naturally until I go to the dentist.

Happy New Year to all my readers !!.We get together with friends and family to celebrate the end of the year holidays.

NewYearEve2008 TimeSquare

Phier at English Wikipedia [GFDL or CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

From the Christmas cookies and Seven Fish Feast to the meatloaf, panettone, eggnut, the twelve Grapes at midnight and the New Year Turkey, the ham, the roast pig, potato latkas and soba noodles made from buckwheat noodles like in Japan. We have corn bread, green leafy veggies salad and black eye peas and

Walk Your Weight Off

Walk Your Weight Off

Walk your weight off and feel relaxed in the process. Walking is not a strenuous activity. You don’t need to be a PowerBuilder to walk around. You can take a few minutes to walk around the neighborhood , the local park or a treadmill and it will improve your mood, attitude, and body.

People walking in Hyde Park, Sydney



Interval training for weight loss is an important topic to consider.

The parasympathetic system and the sympathetic system of the body are part of the nervous system. The parasympathetic system is associated with the “digest and rest” reflexes where the body is calm and relaxed. The sympathetic system is associated with the “fight or flight” reflexes when the body feels threatened. Adrenaline pumping, fast breathing, and increased heart rates are all results of the sympathetic system reacting to escape the danger.