Walk Your Weight Off

Walk Your Weight Off

Walk your weight off and feel relaxed in the process. Walking is not a strenuous activity. You don’t need to be a PowerBuilder to walk around. You can take a few minutes to walk around the neighborhood , the local park or a treadmill and it will improve your mood, attitude, and body.

People walking in Hyde Park, Sydney

I like to walk. I walk at least half an hour every day.
I went for a walk with my son the day before yesterday. We are in winter now, the air was crispy cold. We walked around the neighborhood and then we went to the park a mile away from the house. We talked about life and we had a good time.

I like to remember the Summer when it is cold outside.
I go for long walks with a group of friends that like to walk long distances in the Summer. The last time that I went for a walk with them I walked around 13 miles. Their goal was a 36 mile walk, but at 13 miles my heart was pounding hard.

I remember that I was enjoying the walk. Looking at the water, watching the wind play with the waves, seeing the children playing in the playground and people resting on the grass, and enjoying the view of birds flying in a clear blue sky is a calming sensation.

I enjoyed the heat too. It reminded me of the time when I lived in the city in the desert, Piura, where I spend my childhood. My friends and I used to play soccer in the afternoon after the sun and the temperature went down.

I talked to the organizer of the walking group about how I enjoyed the heat. We were in 34th street and we stopped for lunch. I enjoyed a delicious fish mushroom stew over quinoa and green salad.

We continued walking after the meal. The weather was hot, 90F. I was loving it. We all were drinking water to avoid dehydration. The group liked to walk near the ponds and lakes, but there was not shade in these areas. I had an umbrella and even that was not enough protection for me to continue walking in that direction.

Walking paths in Central Park - DSC05937

I saw in my mind that we were less than half way through the walk. It was too sunny for me. I felt my heart pounding hard. I decided to change the direction to a shadier walk. I was familiar with the area and knew I would be able to catch up with them once I felt better.

I spoke with the organizer and told her that I would stop in 97th street. She was okay with that. Maybe a little disappointed, but she understood. I waved good bye to the rest of the group and crossed the street when the light was green for me. There was a lot of traffic on this avenue.

The street was shady and I walked until I found the Public Library and went inside to cool myself. There was air conditioning, which was refreshing. I looked for a soft chair to sit, and soon took a “Fashion History” encyclopedia from the shelf.

I felt my body relaxing and I began to sweet a lot. I did not want to lose the heat too quickly through the sweat because I have the tendency to get a cold if that happens. I had a long sleeve quick dry shirt in my sports bag and I wore it. It felt comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold. It was just right. My body was adapting to the change of temperature slowly now.

I read and watched the picture of the History of Fashion Encyclopedia and I enjoyed it. After and hour of reading I decide to continue walking to my bus stop.

I walked along Central Park under the shades of the trees. I enjoyed the view of the buildings and museums, the pace of the pedestrians, tourist, street vendors selling art and food.

There were 50 more blocks of the walk. It was relaxing for me, and when I finally did it, I felt great.

Walking feels good You need to keep yourself active if you want to be healthy and have a healthy weight. Walking is a good exercise. If you don’t have access to a gym or sport equipment all you need is enthusiasm and a good pair of walking shoes.

When you walk, use your whole body. Maintain your posture and the balance of the body.

It is healthy to walk outdoors and there are studies that show that walking around green trees will relax you and give you serenity.

When you walk, feel the soles of you feet, the surface of the floor and enjoy the view and the sounds. It is a time to quiet the mind and let it rest from the stresses of the day. Some people call it the “Walking Meditation”.

Because of the weather that may be too cold or to hot, some people have treadmills in their houses or go to the gym.

When I use a treadmill I like to put some inclination to help the knees.

Whether you walk outdoors or indoors, you will feel better after a walk.

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