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This article about a Toothache Natural Remedy will relate my experience about how a tooth ache almost ruined my Winter Holidays and how I fixed it 100% naturally until I go to the dentist.

Happy New Year to all my readers !!.We get together with friends and family to celebrate the end of the year holidays.

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From the Christmas cookies and Seven Fish Feast to the meatloaf, panettone, eggnut, the twelve Grapes at midnight and the New Year Turkey, the ham, the roast pig, potato latkas and soba noodles made from buckwheat noodles like in Japan. We have corn bread, green leafy veggies salad and black eye peas and

rice like in the South of the USA or lentils in Brazil and Italy plus the rinks and desserts. There are family traditions and most of us follow them, especially in the holidays.

The Holiday Season is an opportunity to get together with family and friends in order to enjoy the memories of the whole year, catch up with news, and having a good time.

Personally, I had a good time during the Holidays, but at the beginning of the month of December, I had some problems with my teeth.


Our teeth are very important to the process of eating. If we have problems with them like pain or discomfort, we will eat less or we will eat foods that make us feel better.

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Part of our tendency to have cavities is genetics. Good nutrition is an important factor too. Good oral care and visiting a good dentist too is the best thing that anyone can do to have a healthy mouth.

My dad lost all his teeth by age 80. My mom is older than 80 and she has all her teeth minus one tooth. She was the one always eating candy and taffy fruit chews.

My father was always telling us “Eat fruit, do not eat candy”. He only ate milk chocolate sometimes, but never candy or chews.
My mom would say, “I need the candy for energy” and she will eat them everyday. She would even have a secret stash in her purse.

My mom would take more calcium in her diet that my dad. She used an anti acid powder that contained calcium because she suffered from stomach ulcers.

My parents did not drink milk or cheese, but they bought fresh milk directly from the farm everyday for my brothers and I, when we were children.

One of my brothers seldom goes to the dentist and he has good teeth. My other brother has his yearly dentists check ups and he has good teeth too. I always went to the dentist and I have a lot of work done. It seems that I inherited my dad’s teeth.

Apart from my genes, I have hypothyroidism and am being treated with prescription Natural Thyroid Hormone Armoir and Reumathoid Arthritis in remission. This two chronic conditions are associated with dry mouth that can make me prone to cavities.

For oral care I use an electric toothbrush and a dry mouth rinse. Even with all that I still have problems with cavities.


I had a dental implant at the beginning of December, it was not as painful as I imagined. I did not eat that much after the implant for fear that it would hurt it.

Three days after the implant I made the mistake to visit my regular dentist and let her fill a cavity that was very close to the gum on the other side of the mouth. It seems that the cavity was deep, because after the anesthesia wore off the tooth began to hurt.

I felt so discouraged. I just had an implant that was doing well and did not hurt and now my other tooth in the other side of the mouth that was well before the filling was hurting bad. I used Clove Oil to stop the pain and it worked immediately.

I soothe myself watching my favorite channel with Holiday movies and I had a craving for soda crackers and corn chips. It did not matter that I have read about the danger of eating GMO cereals. The problem that GMO cereals cause to the pancreas, the heart and immunologic problems. I ate them anyway.

Next day I was feeling better. I prepared a vegetable soup with barley and ate a slice of pumpernickel bread, half of it with avocado and half of it with butter.

Five days after the implant I went to eat Italian and asked for Stromboli roll and ate half, enjoying every bite.

I rationalize that this carb cravings may be because of the stresses of the implant and the other tooth ache, plus the cold weather and that these days have been dark, cold and gray.

The tooth ache went away for a couple of weeks and came back full force two days before New Year after I ate a frozen fruit floes. I controlled the pain with Clove Oil again. I put two drops of the oil on the tooth that hurt and the gum of the tooth and it stopped the pain completely after five to ten minutes. Then I repeated the application after two hours .

I do not like dentists, especially this dentist that did the last filling, I am firing her. I will have to go to another. I will ask the dentist that did the implant, he is very good, the implant is in good condition and I do not have any pain or discomfort from the implant.


There is a good book about how to prevent cavities, the title may be misleading but the information is very useful to make your teeth stronger and prevent cavities: “Cure Tooth Decay: Heal And Prevent Cavities With Nutrition” by Ramiel Nagel.

Basically it recommends cod liver oil which is rich in omegas, Butter from grass feed cows which is rich in vitamin D and A, and has a perfect biological composition to make bone and tooth strong.

Other foods that they recommend is food rich in vitamin K like
egg fish, pate and others It talks about the importance of grass feed meat and organs. It gives you a list and explanation about foods that are good for your teeth and why we should not eat carbohydrates and the best way to prepare them if we can not avoid them.

This protocol may not be good for everyone because of some of the foods have a lot of fat, but yes, we need fat. Not a lot, but we need some fat. If you have cavities or tend to have cavities, avoid the pain, read the book and give it a try.

It is not for vegetarians, but if you are a vegetarian and have cavities, you can take a look at the book. See if some things apply to you and you can add some fish, eggs and some other non-vegetarian foods and/or vegetarian foods.

I used part of their protocol but it was unfortunate that I am allergic to cod liver oil and Rosita ratfish oil. Now I am taking Bone Meal , vitamin A, Vitamin K, and Omega 3. I can not avoid all carbs yet L and I remember that every time I have a tooth ache.


In this article I tell the story of how a tooth ache almost ruined my holidays and how I fixed it naturally, cavities and family genes, the story on my implant and a filling that can cause a tooth ache, and I recommend a book for prevention of cavities to avoid the pain.

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6 thoughts on “Toothache Natural Remedy

  1. Thank you so much for this article! I have had some tooth pain in the past and had to go to the dentist which resulted in a high bill. Knowing I can fix my tooth ache if it ever happens again with clove oil is great! It’s also nice that it’s natural and not filled with a bunch of harmful things for your body. Great article 🙂

    • Hi Katie, yes, clove oil is very good for a toothache, of course, if the pain persists it is good to visit a good dentist but at least we can get immediate relief. Thank you for your comment.

  2. Hi there! Very interesting article in natural approach of toothache! I enjoyed reading a different approach to a subject I know well!
    I am an Ayurvedic health professional myself and I use coconut oil mixed with smashed cloves! Very effective and works very fast, so clove oil makes sense. In Ayurvedic cooking we use ghee, clarifies butter, which is very good for promoting healthy teeth. We should also not forget good mouth and throat hygiene, so I use coconut oil pulling as a technique to prevent bacteria and viruses being stuck in the mouth.

    • Yes, I read about oil pulling with coconut oil, it seems to be very good for a lot of people that do it. I may do it again with ghee and clove. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Thanks! It is good to know that Clove really works. I had heard of it, but did not remember this when my broken tooth was removed. I suffered through an entire day after the removal by using a prescription strength naproxen, which put me to sleep for about 6 hours.

    If there is a next time, I will remember this! Also, I will now stop ignoring the bottle of Cod Liver oil my daughter gave me! I want to prevent such an event from occurring ever again!


    • Hi Lynne, thank you for your comment. Clove oil works until you get to the dentist, toothache is a horrible pain, Tylenol and Ibuprofen do not work in this kind of a pain sometimes. After an extraction, we have to follow the dentist’s instructions and prescription. Clove oil is not indicated after and extraction, only before the extraction. Sometimes dentist are not available the same day, sometimes they give antibiotics for some days before the extraction and the pain is still there and the anti-inflammatory or painkiller prescribed can cause gastritis if taken for several days, then, you can use clove oil, before the extraction.

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