Cake Tales

That is a big cake in the video for the collection of cake tales. I burned some calories dancing to the rhythm of this song. I do not remember eating cake on the beach. I eat hamburgers, grapes, watermelon when I go to the beach.
Cakes are at the center of celebrations like birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. Supermarkets sell cakes everyday now.

When I was a kid, my parents organized birthday parties for my brothers and I. There was a lady that made cakes to order, we traveled to the next town, forty minutes away from home, to order the cake and it had to be order at least one month in advance . She had a catalog of the cakes that she offered. She used fresh materials. I had a Cinderella cake for my seven birthday party, the cake had a castle, Cinderella was in her pumpkin carriage run by a horse ; Prince Charmin was waiting for her at the door of the castle.

I could not eat too much cake for my sensitivity to wheat and because I would gain weight.

My Wedding cake was small, I did not have too many guests, I really should have order a bigger cake because it tasted so good, it was delicious. It was made in an Italian bakery that was famous for using the finest and freshest ingredients. The cake just melted in the mouth, like it was part of heaven.

You have to enjoy it when you eat cake, enjoy every bite, eat it slowly and enjoy every bite and eat it surrounded with people, loved ones the best, share the joy of eating cake and do not eat too much of it and eat it sparsely.

You have to be careful with cakes, look at what happened to Marie Antoinette when she found out that the French subjects could not eat bread she said ” Let them eat cake”.  I know, some historians tell that she did not  say that, but look at the importance of cake in history.

I do not eat too much cake, very rare. It makes me hungry for some reason, maybe it is the sugar, the concentrated amount of carbohydrate. I do not like it that much unless it is not that sweet and it is fresh. I have to drink water after I eat cake, it is too sweet for me.

Whatever you do, if you eat cake on the beach bring your toothbrush.







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