There are some diet tips for petite women that will help you to reach your ideal weight which is your healthy and happy weight.

When my brother was a child, he used to eat a pile of crackers with mango marmalade, ice cream and animal crackers in a bunch and he did not gained weight; he is taller than me . He is still very athletic  but now he has to take care of his diet because he notices that he can gain weight if he eats too much. If I ate the same as him, my face and tummy would be rounder.

Each body is different, some are tall, young , active and have good metabolism others are short, middle age, sedentary and with a slow metabolism.

There are tables for height and weight, there are ranges of healthy weight.You can determine what is your ideal weight using this. I want you to feel good about your weight when you reach your ideal weight, I want you to feel good in the process to achieve it.

I can tell you : eat this , do not eat that but chances are that if you do not have the mindset for success in this endeavor, if you do not have the right amount of rest relaxation, activity and exercise any weight loss will come back.

It is okay to gain a little weight back here and there; life brings us good things to celebrate. We go out with our families, friends, coworkers, specially around the holidays;  we go to a good nice restaurant with yummy food all around and we can gain weight. I do not want you to beat yourself, you can fix it, just do not let get out of control.

Life can bring us not so good things and it can bring us bad things too: problems at work or in the family, feelings of sadness or regret or anger, situations that overwhelm and stresses us and instead of going for a walk, dance, talk to a friend, take a warm bath or drink a cup of camomile tea we go and buy the sweetest cake in the supermarket and we ate more than one piece.

Sometimes we forget to drink water, and this is so important, we are made of ocean water, our cell need water to do all the things that need to be done to keep our bodies moving, and then we wonder, “why do I feel tired and achy”. Drink a glass of water enjoying the moment and observe how you feel.